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Two Ingredient Ice Cream

I have one of the super hooty blenders put out by Ninja and I am always experimenting with recipe options in it. I have also been trying to use just what I have in the house and not go to the store until absolutely necessary. I had a bag of frozen strawberries and a can of condensed milk and knowing my blender’s capacity to make ice cream with very few ingredients I decided to give it a shot.

Two Ingredient Ice Cream (Vegetarian)

1 16 oz bag of frozen fruit

1 can of condensed milk

Put both ingredients in the blender and blend on ice crush for 3 minutes.

This ice cream is really good. It gives you the consistency of a really good custard ice cream without all of the fuss.

After blending put in a freezer container and put in the freezer to harden. It will continue to have the custard consistency even after freezing.


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