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Get Vegucated?

I just finished watching the documentary “Get Vegucated” on my kindle fire. The movie highlights 3 volunteers who go vegan for six weeks. They all live in New York, where there are about 130 vegan restaurants, so going vegan there is not very hard. These three people came from 3 different demographic. Tesla was the youngest and lived with her family. She has a South American background and meat was the main part of her diet. Brian, was from the midwest with a German background, but was single so could make his own choices as far as cooking and purchasing for himself. Ellen was a busy mother of two who had very little time to prepare foods for her family because of her long office hours and then at night she works as a comedian.

I will forwarn you that the movie is graphic when it comes to showing what is happening to the animals on factory farms and in the slaughterhouses. I actually had to turn away from the screen during several scenes in the movie. Dr. Furhman was the consulting doctor for this documentary as well. He himself, lives and eats the vegan diet which is really remarkable to have a doctor who practices what he preaches.

The six weeks was hard for the first two weeks for all of these people just because the transition from a animal based diet to a plant based diet at first leaves you feeling hungry all the time. But you are able to snack on fruits and vegetables to add bulk and keep you full for longer if you do it right. The producer walked them through shopping and cooking on the diet so that they were not just trying to figure it out on their own. She also helped them get involved with some vegan groups as support during that six week period.

At the end of the six weeks, they mostly stayed vegan/vegetarian for the majority of them. Ellen was the only one who truly committed to the vegan lifestyle. They have a website called if you want further information on how they are doing now.

I think what we need to gain from this is the reality that the majority of family farms have disappeared and in its place are factory farms where they are raising so many animals in a closed environment that sometimes there is not chance for any humane treatment for these animals. When we purchase these products we are saying to these growers that it is okay for them to continue with these practices. Most of the government regulators of this industry have been cconsultants to the different industries making them biased to promoting one industry over another.  I also think that is why when the vegan diet is brought up it is not always considered as an alternative, but pushed aside. How you get the government regulators to make it an equal with the SAD diet has been going on since the early days of Berkeley, California and even before that. The people from India are a good example of eating a vegan diet. The first time I heard about the Berkeley culture was reading a book called “Laura’s Kitchen”. This was during the early 60’s and 70’s and her husband was a professor at UCLA. She made everything from scratch and slowly converted her husband to the diet. She may have been more vegetarian than vegan but she helped her husband reverse some of diseases from eating a animal based diet.

Even being vegan one day a week will help you healthwise and give your body a much needed break from trying to digest all those animal products you eat every single day.

Being vegan is not difficult especially when you begin to see that your plate does not have to revolve around any animal product. Your flavors can be from highly spiced to light and fresh and your taste buds actually taste the food for what it is supposed to be instead of what it has been formed to be through heavy processing.

The heavily processing of our food is slowly killing us fork by fork. The animal products we consume are riddled with hormones and antibiotics which slowly have to make their way through our bloodstream leaving behind whatever hidden residue they must.

Our bodies are temples and should be nurtured in such a way to be the best body it can be.

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