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Burgers and Tots

I am always looking for different ways to make veggie burgers with a twist. There is a chain burger restaurant that makes a very unique burger called the Bonzai Burger. In recent years they have introduced the veggie patty to their menu so that those of us that are vegan can still enjoy this little treat.

We had company over last night and I made my version of this famous burger. Because there were carnivores in the crowd, I had veggie burgers and beef burgers available. I also did preassemble the burgers but gave my guests the option of topping their burgers whichever way they prefer.

Teriyaki Pineapple Veggie Burgers (aka, the Bonzai Burger)

1 veggie pattie, grilled

1 pineapple ring, grilled

1 slice American Cheese

1 T teriyaki glaze

lettuce and tomato

mayonnaise on the top bun

optional items: dill pickle and onion slices

Assemble the burger in this order:

lower bun brushed with teriyaki glaze, place burger on the bun, then cheese, more teriyaki glaze, pineapple ring, more glaze, pickle, lettuce, tomato, top bun spread with mayonnaise.

Enjoy with baked tator tots.


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