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You are what you eat!

Doctors knew back in 1929 that diet and disease were connected and worked to try to fix diseases through nutrition rather than prescription. Most of these trailblazers were condemned by the American Medical Association and forced out of practice. Today your doctor has no clue about nutrition and chooses prescription treatment rather nutritional treatment.

Your doctor is not suffering you are. Make fruits and vegetables the star of your plate and reduce your fat and sugar and all processed foods to tiny specks on your plate. Not only will you feel better but your need for all those expensive drugs will lessen and your doctor can remove them from daily habit.

Remember You Are What You Eat!

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Our Addiction to Prescription Drugs!

How many times a day do you see an advertisement for a new prescription drug? Do they really improve your quality of life or are they just masking the symptoms of really poor life choices when it comes to food? To the first question about 3-5 drug ads per hour twenty four hours a day. To the second question, just look inside your medicine cabinet and count your prescription drug supply to get that answer.

The issue is your quality of life as you get older deteriorates rapidly once you reach the age of 40. The diseases you thought you were immune too now suddenly show up and the doctor prescribes one drug after another to keep you alive through chemistry. Your fat and bloated from all the various side effects associated from the drugs and yet you still have not changed any of your current behavior in food habits. Why is that?

The three things we do every single is this:

1. breathe

2. eat

3. sleep

If you stop breathing, that leads to death instantly. If you do not get enough sleep you walk around fatigued all day. The food you eat all day either will heal you or cause effects on your body to require prescription drugs to keep you somewhat alive for a few more years. You have a choice to buy the media’s version of good health or you can choose to eat a plant based diet and notice a difference in your energy levels in a month. If you stay on it a year, you can possibly drop several of those prescription drugs all together. Your personal healthcare costs would decrease substantially because your body would start to heal itself from all the abuse bad eating habits have caused it.

Are you up to one year plant based diet challenge for a better quality of life?

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The Artisan Cheese Project

Since going vegan I do not crave a lot of cheese anymore. But I have been experimenting with some recipes from the Artisan Cheese Cookbook written by Mivoko Schinner. My first attempt is air dryed smokey cheddar. Most of us today do not understand the process of traditional cheese making because we have lost touch with the family farm.

My ancestors had a dairy farm in Northern Idaho. It was where all the family gatherings took place when I was growing up. The cooling room for the milk products was made of cement pits with cool running water going through them. The cows were always humanely treated and had plenty of pasture to graze on. With family farms it was more about the care of the animal rather than the quantity of product produced. You always sold what you were not going to personally use. There were no fancy vacations because cows need to be milked 7 days a week twice a day. That is why most of the family events were held at the dairy.

Now that I am vegan, trying to find the right combination for making a similarly textured non milk product. You can buy lots of them commercially now, but not too long ago, it meant you had to go without on a plant based diet.

Mivoko has you make a fermenting agent called rejuvelac. I made mine out of wheat grains, but you can make yours out of rice or any other sturdy grain. You are just trying to build a homemade probiotic to culture your cheese. The rejuvelac process is not hard but your kitchen will begin to smell like dirty socks after a few days.

I made the cheese with raw cashews which had been soaked and a few other ingredients. You will have to purchase the book to find exact recipes because they are just too good to share on this blog. The ingredients are not hard to find and the process is more of a waiting process once the cheese begins to culture. Today I put the finishing salt on mine and it will sit at 45 degrees for the next 4 days. I believe texturally we have a winner.

Being vegan does not mean I am so restricted that I do not enjoy my food, I savor every morsel. There is actually so much variety that one cannot even remotely touch all of its wonderful bounty. I use French techniques and many courses to make all of my meals a dining experience rather than just sustenance.

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The Christian Vegan

Do you believe you have been set apart as a vegan? According to Daniel 1:8-16, Daniel chose not to defile himself with the royal food and wine and asked only for vegetables and water to drink. Daniel did not suffer from eating this way, just the contrary, he thrived and became a leader among his peers.

In a way, our food has been defiled and we need to get back to eating the basics. Food that has been processed to the point of death creates death in our bodies. Food that still has life in it such as rich green, red and orange vegetables and fruits all have life giving properties in them. Grains and beans and nuts help to build our bodies with much more exuberance than animal products.

Just like Daniel, by following his leading from the Lord, he gained favor and God gave him wisdom and understanding while he was captive in Babylon. He became a high ranking captive by bringing wisdom to the Babylonian king.

You do not need to feel restricted as a Christian vegan because the Lord’s bounty of fruits and vegetables is vast and eating them will help your body to heal from the inside out. You have to consistent about it to see results but the results will come within the first few weeks that you adopt the diet.

The lord will bless you in endeavor. Just do it.

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Lifestyle Changes you can live with for the rest of your days.

Diabetes is a game changer for most of us and is growing more prominent every day. The truth is the over-processed convenience foods are mostly to blame for the current state of your health.

The hidden fat, salt and sugar is so prominent in these products that you get no nutritional value from them whatsoever. As a human we have forgotten what real food tastes like. Why do you think Mcdonald’s spends millions of dollars to have a chef flavor enhance French fries to taste like the beef fat? To get you fully addicted to their product.

All of us have food addictions of one sort or another. The question is who is in charge of the food addiction, you or the manufacturer who makes the food?

You can beat the addiction though just by changing your focus on the foods you eat.

1. Eat a salad at lunch and dinner before you hit the main entrée.

2. Make sure you have no more than one cup of rice, mashed potatoes, pasta, bread a day.

3. Make sure you have at least one cup of beans every single day.

4. Eat at least 3-4 fruits a day.

5. Drink lots of water.

Your breakfast should have some fruit and nut components to it. This is what starts your day off right.

1. Avoid caffeine and tea.

2. Do not add extra fat to meals. ( Fat is fat, whether it is salad dressing, mayonnaise, eggs, cheese, dairy, etc. It will still cause you to gain weight instead of losing it.)

3. Limit your animal products to 6 oz a week, for those who cannot go plant strong.

Turn your plate to 1/2 fruit and vegetables, (steamed or raw), starch and legumes.

The object is to fuel your body all day long and keep your insulin levels steady all day. When you eat the salad it fills your stomach and the starch and legumes fill it full. Because it is full of fiber it breaks down slowly and causes you to be full for longer. Snacks should be fresh fruit because you do not need the energy boost when you are eating correctly.

In fact, your energy levels will go up when you switch over to this way of eating. The only supplements I take are vitamin B12 and vitamin D3. We are deficient in vitamin D3 and the B12 is for not ingesting any animal products during the week.

One simple change will change your whole life.

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The Fear of Good Nutrition

Why is there such prevalent fear of eating the right foods to be disease free?

This question has puzzled me for a long time. As a human our bodies know exactly what foods are nourishing and what foods are not. But our brains are being mesmerized to the point of extinction by every form of non-nutritional food available. When did we lose sight of the real prize and just decide we were going to no longer care what we eat and drink?

I am at the age when I should be complaining about all the various aches and pains of growing older, but truthfully, I do not have any to speak of. A person who wants to gain weight will seek out those foods that will actually help them to achieve that goal.

Dr. Colin Caldwell, Dr. Essleston, Dr. Furhman, and Dr. Barnard all have done major research on the subject with very definitive results stating that a plant based diet is the only option on ridding the body of disease. But it continues to fall on deaf ears with the general public and the media. I feel there frustration and understand why they now do private practice with the patients being sent to them as a last resort and are at death’s door. The patients that follow the diet to the letter are getting the reversal results because the alternative is death.

But you shouldn’t wait until you are on death’s doorstep to make the decision to go plant based. Research shows that a diet high in fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes with no added fat, sugar or salt is the fast track to restored health.

Your research should begin with these documentaries:

Forks over Knives


Chow Down

Hungry for Change

You have to ask yourself if you are man enough to do it and change the way you feel for the rest of your life.

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Albany Farmers Market Haul. 

Love all the farm fresh vegetables and fruit available to us locally every Saturday morning from 9-1 in downtown Albany,OR.

Albany Farmers Market Haul.

Love all the farm fresh vegetables and fruit available to us locally every Saturday morning from 9-1 in downtown Albany,OR.

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Just watched “Supersize Me”

This documentary is about a man who makes a film about his eating Mcdonald’s 3x a day for 30 days and the damage it causes to his body over the time period.

The addictive quality of the fast food continues to be a misnomer to the unknowing public who consumes it by the bagful now 5-6 times a week. The food has no nutritional value whatsoever even with the marketing campaigns that claim it to be healthy. The same can be said for any heavily processed food at the grocery store.

The question you need to ponder to yourself as you are stuffing your mouth with the least nutritional food in the world is? “Is it worth the health cost to your body?

Health care costs are increasing because the things that are curable via diet are covered with a pill and not a change of eating habits. Our lifestyle is now sedentary for 80% of the population which adds to the impact of the poor nutritional diet. With fast food and over processed food there is no moderation. Moderation will kill you just like overindulgence but at a slower pace.

High fat content and Sugar build really fast in the body. These two toxins cause a continual breakdown of liver function and once your liver stops filtering out the toxins it begins to pickle in effect. Just like drinking too much alcohol.

The man in this film went on a full detox diet with lots of cleansing greens to get his liver functions back to normal it also took him a year and two months to lose the 22 pounds he put on eating the fast food.

If you are eating a plant based diet and you are not dropping weight, you need to check your sugar and fat intake. On a plant based diet, if you need to drop a few pounds, it should drop right off. If it is not, you have substituted fat and sugar too much in the diet. Keeping in mind that sugar and fat are hidden everywhere in any processed food.

That is why many of us on the plant based diet usually make our food from scratch rather than buying ready made foods.

Also do not be fooled by the healthy choices at the fast food places, these contain almost 51% fat and sugar. So much for eating healthy.


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Living each day in abundance

Did you wake up this morning feeling joyous or moody? Did you know that what your mind tells you first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. I feel blessed that I am able to stay home and work from my home office every day.

Living this way does not have to be a challenge or a burden. What do you put your trust in? For me it is Jesus Christ. He provides all my needs in every way. I know that those two words will cause a firestorm among my readers either in a positive way or a negative way, but to live for Him in a such a way that I am protecting the temple of my body through eating plant based more than makes up for the negativity pushed my direction.

I learned at a very early age, that I needed to believe in Jesus. I did not grow up in an abundant atmosphere but more below the poverty line for the first 22 years of my life. I continually pray for doors to open for employment in the area I now live where I can still have the freedom to work from my home office and make a decent salary like what I left behind in Mississippi. I know that the door will open and I will walk through having all my needs met fully unto overflowing. By His guidance I am continuing to write this blog and the cookbook He divinely inspired.

I also know that living throughout the day in thoughtful and uplifting prayer that He will answer. I prayed for 18 years that my husband would come to Jesus Christ as His Savior and 4 weeks after our move to Idaho Falls, Idaho, He answered that prayer. But not once did I ever let my words speak about my prayer for his salvation. My actions and submission to Jesus were the catapult for that door to open.

It is the same with our health. Each of us has the power to control what we eat, but most of us choose the easy way out. Your body is a temple and if one system is not functioning correctly the rest of the systems will surely follow and fail. Yes, by grace, we have been given all foods to eat, but not all foods are good for our God created temples. Food is not to be worshipped but for the nourishment of our bodies. Diabetes and Obesity are so much a man made disease and mostly caused by the deliberate misuse of the fork and knife.

The myths surrounding eating plant based are mostly wrong and put out there to cause utter confusion among the masses. Plant contain much more good protein than any animal based alternative. The only reason you will not hear any of this through the mainstream media is because no vegetable or fruit or natural whole grain product has a federally funded check off subsidy.

I thank Jesus every day for the opportunity to spend one more day serving Him through this blog and spreading the word on how to live life abundantly free from disease and illness. You can too.

Your first step begins by coming to realization that eating a plant based diet was the plan from the beginning and with that comes multiple blessings on your health.

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How many want to live a life free of disease?

This is a good question for each one of us to ask ourselves and answer honestly. It is important to understand that everything we do has a consequence regardless of whether it affects just us. It amazes me how food can affect people. The mere subject of food causes people to react passionately about a certain food product or genre. Why is that? 30 years ago the closest thing to food television that we had was Public television how to programs. But since the food network takeover, it is crossing into every aspect of our lives. The question you need to ask yourself when watching all this food porn is what they are teaching me good for my health or putting me into an early grave?

All the chefs that promote healthy eating disappear after one season to be replaced by either super spicy or fat laden dishes that promote disease in our bodies. Some of the shows are just one big infomercial for specific products or causes and self promotion. Most of the products are made in China and horrible to use.

To live a life disease free, you have to understand the nutritional value of the food you are putting into your mouth. A healthy steak has negative nutrition along with the white potato. Fruits and vegetables all are high on the nutritional scale along with healthy grains such as brown rice, quinoa, and coucous. Sugar and fat are not your friends no matter how sugar coated they look on the television set.

When you look at your meals, you should always make salad the main course and dot it with a lean protein and more vegetables. The amount of starch on your plate should be no more than 1/2 cup. If the plate you get from the restaurant is covered in rice than you know that portion is for more than one person even though they are calling it a single serving.

Life is too short to  continue to be confused about this whole thing. Look up Dr. Joel Furhman who has made his life work nutritional studies. He is a practicing physician who has reversed disease easily by converting his patients to a plant based diet. It can work for you as well. The hardest part for you is understanding that life is not about just boring meat and potatoes and constant pain from your disease ridden body.

So this lunchtime, start out your meal with a nice salad, less than 3 ounces of lean protein and 1/2 cup portion of starch. Drink lots of water and rid your diet of fats and sugars. In just one meal, you will start to notice a difference.

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